• April 23, 2024

Pet supply retail superstore Pet Express has opened a 500+ square-meter branch at the The Podium.

The store, located at the 3rd level of the mall, showcases a modern, clean, and brightly lit interior with a pet-friendly design and offers top-notch products and services.

The Pet Express at The Podium offers a wide variety of high-quality local and imported pet products, including food, treats, clothes, toiletries, grooming tools, cages, toys, and much more.

It also provides pet care services. including pet grooming, pet boarding, vet clinic, and vet pharmacy. These services are handled by trained and knowledgeable professionals and licensed veterinarians.

Pet Express also offers an exclusive service at The Podium branch: the Cat Playground. This fun area allows cat owners to leave their pets to enjoy various activities like rolling around, climbing, scratching, and playing with toys while the owners shop.

The playground features unique and colorful pieces, including a multi-level tower, climbing trees, a cozy chaise lounge for resting, and a variety of scratchers and toys to keep cats entertained.

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