• July 21, 2024

From record-breaking chapters, captivating anime episodes, and the buzzworthy live-action series, 2023 is surely the year for One Piece fans.

The beloved anime franchise created by Eichiro Oda has captured global attention for many years because of its meticulously crafted story, iconic characters, and richly detailed world-building.

Capitalizing on this fandom frenzy, SM North EDSA joined forces with Toei Animation Enterprises and Funko to introduce the third installment of Animezing North, featuring One Piece.

Here are the things you can expect in this year’s Animezing North:

Giant Luffy

A 21-foot-tall Giant Straw Hat Luffy from Toei Animation Enterprises is the centerpiece of the setup. This inflatable has been on tour in countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Photo walls

The setup area is filled with five exciting photo walls from iconic scenes and characters for fans to enjoy. You can take your photos inside the Thousand Sunny, Pirates’ Wanted Posters, Pirate Flag, the deck of the ship, and even the other members of the Straw Hat crew.

Exclusive One Piece merchandise

Licensed brands like Funtastik, Bilmola, Toy Kingdom, Havaianas, Geek PH, Filbar’s, and Coolectzone are selling exclusive One Piece merchandise ranging from toys, to helmets, flip flops, and many more for fans to enjoy. 

The Animezing North: One Piece runs from September 20 to October 8.

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