• October 4, 2023

Chinese automotive brand Omoda, which is slated to enter the Philippines this year , is not stopping at just introducing vehicles.

When it launches in the fourth quarter of 2023, it will also introduce an ecosystem for Omoders (Omoda owners) called O-Universe.

With its relatively young, independent target market, Omoda envisions connecting many facets of its customers’ lifestyle with exclusive deals and perks. The goal is for every owner to experience the Omoda lifestyle even when they are not inside their vehicles.

The O-Universe will be divided into four categories:

  • O-Fashion. Omoda owners will enjoy discounts on selected premium fashion and sporting brands, and will gain access to special sales before they are opened to the public.
  • O-Club. Omoda owners get access to social happenings, VIP invites to weekend clubs, discounts on travel and leisure packages, and special discounts on selected restaurants.
  • O-Life. Omoda owners get rebates and advice on fuel rates with its fuel partner, and Omoda owners will also be included in CSR activities such as environmental runs, outreach programs, etc.
  • O-Lab. Omoda will create platforms and avenues, in the form or webpages, forums, and events, where the brand will listen to customer feedback and wish lists. This idea of “user co-creation” encourages customers to have some input on what the brand needs to improve on, or what they expect to see in the upcoming models.

The O-Universe ecosystem will be ready on the same day Omoda launches in the Philippines, ensuring that the first batch of owners will enjoy the perks and benefits of owning an Omoda from Day 1.

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