• July 21, 2024

Homegrown motorcycle taxi company MOVE IT recently launched a comprehensive rider-partner welfare and engagement program at the MOVE IT Tropang Malupet event held at the PICC Forum.

Dedicated to enhancing the economic well-being of local motorcycle taxi service providers, the expanded Tropang Malupet welfare program encompasses optimized earning opportunities, economic assistance, aid and relief initiatives, and community engagement.

In his State of the MOVE IT Address, General Manager Wayne Jacinto shared important company news, emphasizing how the improved MOVE IT app benefits passengers and rider-partners financially.

The new Back-to-Back Booking feature on the MOVE IT Driver App allows rider-partners to accept a new booking even as they accomplish an ongoing one, boosting their productivity on the platform. With the BTB Booking feature, tech upgrades, and growing consumer demand, the earnings potential of MOVE IT rider-partners has doubled versus last year.

To guarantee that MOVE IT Rider-Partners are able to achieve optimum earnings on the platform, MOVE IT offers the lowest commission rate in the industry which is complemented by income-boosting initiatives. Among these is Ka-MOVE IT Rewards, an incentive scheme designed to reward rider-partners who successfully complete missions, including achieving specific booking targets, maintaining high passenger ratings, and fulfilling minimum online hour requirements.

Also announced during the event is a new service coming to the platform: MOVE IT Parcel Delivery. Through this, MOVE IT rider-partners can accept parcel-delivery orders during non-peak hours for motorcycle hailing. 

There’s also the MOVE IT Malasakit Social Welfare Program, which extends financial assistance to rider-partners in need of emergency top-ups or those who experience accidents while online. This also covers aid and relief for rider-partners during calamities and national emergencies. 

Powered by leading superapp Grab, MOVE IT is now also able to extend Grab’s microfinancing programs to its rider-partners. They are also now eligible to apply for educational support through GrabScholar, a comprehensive educational support program comprising bursary support, BPO career acceleration opportunities, and even full-ride college scholarships. 

MOVE IT rider-partners were also given full access to GrabAcademy, an online learning feature embedded in the driver app.

Sustaining a strong community involves engagement initiatives that nurture camaraderie. MOVE IT consistently organizes forums and town halls with its rider-partners to facilitate discussions on upcoming features and to promptly address the situations faced by the community.

In addition, MOVE IT also offers supplementary programs tailored to the interests of its rider-partners. During the event, MOVE IT launched Ka-MOVE IT Liga, an inter-community Basketball League with a grand prize of P300,000 and various consolation prizes totaling more than P500,000 in value. This initiative is set to bring rider-partners together in a spirit of competition and unity.

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