• June 25, 2024

Continuing on its commitment to professionalize habal-habal riders, homegrown Filipino motorcycle (MC) taxi company MOVE IT has kick-started its ‘Habal-Habal to Legal’ program, which seeks to assist and guide habal-habal riders as they try to obtain a professional license.

The MC taxi company held its first sign-up event last August 12, drawing over countless habal-habal riders aspiring to secure a pro license and ultimately become rider-partners on the platform.

The program is a testament to MOVE IT’s commitment to transforming the informal street-hailing riders into professional MC taxi servicemen that offer safe, reliable, and legal mobility services.

Through the ‘Haba-Haball to Legal’ program, MOVE IT provides comprehensive guidance and support to habal-habal riders as they compile prerequisites and organize essential documentation for their professional license application.

The program also encompasses refresher courses and training sessions, focusing on technical knowledge and skills related to road safety and traffic regulations.

These measures significantly enhance the chances of the riders to successfully pass the assessment process of the Land Transportation Office.

MOVE IT is set to have more ‘Habal-Habal to Legal’ sign-up events and support sessions, all to be hosted at the MOVE IT Partner Center located in Marikina City. Interested riders can visit the official social media pages of MOVE IT for more information and updates.

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