• March 4, 2024

Concepcion Midea Inc. Philippines (CMIP) brings back its Midea Airstill inverter air-conditioning line, which promises to deliver comfort and cost efficiency.

The Midea Airstill Inverter Split Type air-conditioners are rated with 5 stars on the Energy Efficiency Performance Rating of the Department of Energy. It’s the most energy-efficient among 700+ split type models in the Philippines, making it an affordable upgrade for your home.

The Midea Airstill series not only saves you money but also offers advanced draftless technology. With 7,928 micro holes, it evenly scatters, mixes, and softens airflow for comfortable cooling. The ultra-fast fan cools a room in just 40 seconds, and the S-shaped side outlet ensures cool air reaches every corner.

What’s more, it’s IOT-enabled, allowing remote control and monitoring via Midea’s SmartHome mobile app.

Midea Airstill inverter split-type AC is available in 1.0hp and 1.5hp variants at all Abenson branches and other major appliance stores.

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