• July 20, 2024

Lalamove Automotive and QSJ Motors Phils Inc. recently inked their partnership for Lalamove’s newest vehicle rental program.

The program offers existing and future Lalamove partner drivers and fleet operators with a host of options to rent or rent-to-own a vehicle, enabling them to start their profitable delivery business with Lalamove.

The said partnership was formalized in a Memorandum of Agreement signing ceremony at the QSJ Motors Philippines office in Angeles City.

Lalamove Automotive’s Vehicle Rental Program is now available to existing and aspiring partner drivers and fleet operators seeking to earn as much as P170,000 with their trucks, or are looking to build their delivery fleet at minimal costs.

Qualified partner drivers and fleet operators can choose from short-term and Rent-to-Own payment options to incrementally own their vehicles, with two primary options:

  1. Short Term Rent
    DFSK K01 Truck (600kg)
    Rent this vehicle for a minimum of six months, for as low as P16,000. This option can be renewed every six months.

    DFSK C31 Truck (1000kg)
    FAW Tiger V Truck (2000kg)
    Rent these vehicles for a minimum of twelve (12) months for as low as P20,000 (1,000kg) and 28,000 (2,000kg). This option can be renewed annually. 
  1. Rent-to-Own Options
    DFSK C31 Truck (1,000kg)
    FAW Tiger V Truck (2,000kg)
    Rent their vehicles for a minimum of 36 months for as long as P20,000 (1,000kg) and P27,000 (2,000kg). 

How to apply for the Lalamove Automotive Rental Program

1. Apply & Reserve. Sign-up through the Vehicle Rental Form and wait for a call from the Sales Team to discuss the process and next steps.

2. Assessment & Evaluation. Submit all the requirements for the application to be processed. Wait for the results after one week.

3. Approval & Release. Once approved, pay the guarantee deposit and wait for the schedule of vehicle release.

4. Lalamove Accreditation & Onboarding. After vehicle release, the Lalamove Automotive team will assist approved renters with their fleet and driver registration (should they have employed drivers) to the Lalamove platform.

5. Start to drive & earn. Take orders right away!

Requirements for interested applicants are: two government-issued IDs; proofs of billing; and proofs of income worth at least three months for new applicants or e-wallet screenshots, or one month’s worth of transaction history for existing Lalamove partner drivers.

Ready to rent a vehicle? Visit Lalamove’s website to learn more about their Rent-to-Own Vehicle Rental Program. Be a Lalamove partner driver and enjoy the exclusive Panalomove Driver Benefits program. 

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