• October 1, 2023

Explore a world of love, magic, and imagination in Koibito’s Kids TV, a captivating show on YouTube featuring talented young stars from Batangas.

Koibito’s Kids TV (KKTV), which premiered last July 8, has 10 episodes, each lasting 5 to 7 minutes. Named after its parent establishment Koibito’s World of Gelato, KKTV showcases exceptional young talents from Batangas, celebrating the vibrant local community, and highlighting the wealth of talent in the province.

According to Roger Monsale, the visionary behind Koibito’s World of Gelato, the essence of their brand is spreading happiness through love and magic. Koibito’s Kids TV is a natural extension of this vision, as they seek to instill good values in children, empowering them to transform the world with love and magic.

“Our immediate quest now is to share love and magic by instilling good values to children so they can transform the world into a better place. The magic begins in them,” he said.

Inspired by the lack of locally produced content for kids, Emerson Endell G. Reyes, a filmmaker and educator, teamed up with Koibito’s World of Gelato and Vyous Digital to create Koibito’s Kids TV.

This collaboration aims to provide entertaining and purposeful content that nurtures children’s holistic development by combining entertainment and education. Through captivating storytelling, visuals, and characters, Koibito’s Kids TV equips young viewers with the necessary tools for growth, fostering imagination, curiosity, emotional intelligence, and cognitive abilities.

With a vision of sharing positivity and a passion for meaningful content, KKTV combines entertainment and education to nurture young minds, inspiring them to embrace their imaginations and embark on a journey of growth and learning. And as the producer wisely puts it, everything’s better with a scoop of gelato. 

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