• May 28, 2024

In this fast-paced, interconnected world, a reliable internet connection at home is essential. May it be for a leisurely activity, studying for school, providing a much needed service, a work-related thingamajig, or as mundane a task as checking in on your smart gadgets, the internet helps us get things done. 

For accomplishing a multitude of tasks, there’s no better companion than a fast, reliable, and competitively priced home internet broadband such as the Smart Bro Home WiFi.

No fuss

They say the best things come in small packages, and the Smart Bro Home WiFi is one such example. Measuring a mere 130 x 126 x 42mm and weighing just 160g, the unit doesn’t take up much space wherever you decide to set it up.

Included in the box alongside the unit are some documentation (user guide, manual, and warranty card), a LAN cable, and a DC power adapter. The SIM card comes preinstalled in the unit. 

Found on the device are indicator lights, its power outlet, a reset switch, and two LAN ports. Underneath a sealed sliding cover are the SIM tray and a USB port (for software updates only).

Your gateway to the digital world

With no installation required, users can immediately utilize Smart Bro Home WiFi’s full capability right after the device setup and sim registration. Powered by Smart’s LTE network, users are guaranteed with nationwide coverage and high-speed connectivity. With Smart being recognized by Ookla as the ‘Best Mobile Network’ in 2022, subscribers can rest assured they are with the best internet service provider in town.

Another nice thing about Smart Bro Home WiFi is that five devices can connect to it—meaning you can share the fun with your family. 

Preparing for a movie night with your hubby? No problem! Just sit back, relax, and seamlessly watch videos from YouTube. In the heat of a tight match with your buds? No lag in your mobile gaming sesh means you can focus better on securing that win! 

Fast and reliable connectivity also enables high productivity and efficiency. Whether it’s uploading or downloading large files, attending online classes, or collaborating with classmates, you can count on a seamless experience with no interruptions or delays. Say goodbye to buffering and audio issues, and effortlessly meet deadlines with instant access to online resources.

Unbeatable value

For only P995, you get to enjoy fast and reliable internet connection without breaking the bank. Out of the box, the Smart Bro Home WiFi also comes with unlimited data for 30 days. In comparison, competitors offer only 50GB of consumable data for 7 days.

Once the preloaded data allocation expires, getting back on track is as easy as 1-2-3 using the GigaLife App. You can track your data usage as well as earn and redeem rewards using the app. You also have access to exclusive offers. 

Smart Bro Home WiFi’s suite of choices assure that there is a subscription offer available for all users with different budgets and digital lifestyles. For example, subscribers on a budget can avail of data plans for as low as P99 with up to 8GB consumable data for 7 days. Heavy users, on the other hand, would certainly enjoy Famload All Access 1149, a GigaLife app exclusive, which offers 100GB for 30 days. To put the cherry on top, the Famload All Access data plans provide subscribers with open-access data, which means the data allocation is not limited for use on any specific app.

So, whether you enjoy using the internet for a certain app, a website, video streaming, or simply for all around web browsing, Smart Bro Home WiFi has you covered.

And because it’s prepaid, you can forget about bill shock. You only pay as you load—no contract or lock-in period. Loading up is just as easy on the GigaLife App via Maya or debit/credit card. And as always, subscribers have the option to load through the many partner e-commerce platforms, e-wallet providers, digital platforms of local banks, telco tiangges, kiosks and retailers, remittance centers and pawnshops, convenience stores, and supermarkets across the country. 

Blink and you’ll miss it!

Ready to subscribe to fast and affordable internet? You can get your Smart Bro Home WiFi unit with free unli data for 30 days via the Smart Online Store, official stores on Lazada and Shopee, PLDT-Smart stores, and telco tiangges nationwide. This promo is available up to September 30 until supplies last. 

Words and photos Luis Hidalgo

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