• October 2, 2023

The Year of the Water Rabbit is almost here. Wondering how you can usher in good luck this year? Hop off old habits and jump on new ones with these tips from Feng Shui expert Marites Allen.

Clean up

If you’ve been putting off the decluttering of your home, this is a sign to get up and grab that broom! Cleaning is the best way to welcome the Chinese New Year. As ‘dust’ in Chinese is a homophone for ‘old,’ Pinoys must ensure that they’re able to drive away the bad luck to allow energy to flow into spaces. 

Keep your fridge well-stocked

Chinese New Year is associated with food, so it is just as important to keep a well-stocked fridge in preparation for the festivities. 

“Do not let the Chinese New Year come with an empty refrigerator. Put as much healthy food and shop as early as you can. For example, you can buy rice, which is a symbol of good luck in Feng Shui. And don’t forget about the fruits! Have fruits that you will eat this Chinese New Year, and not just for display,” said the Feng Shui expert.

Share the gift of fortune with lucky foods

Share the gift of fortune with family and friends by giving them lucky food items such as tikoy and other Chinese New Year delicacies, which you can find at the Lucky Finds Pop-Ups located in select SM Malls’ Lucky Park

Wear lucky prints and colors 

According to Chinese tradition, wearing new clothes is a way to celebrate the start of the new year, as it symbolizes a new beginning and a clean slate. According to Ms. Allen, those who celebrate this event should shop and wear new clothes “with some lucky prints on them or preferably those that are red, pink, or purple.”

Spend time with your family and friends

Celebrating the new year is not just about material things, but keeping connections strong by spending time with your loved ones. 

“The Year of the Water Rabbit is a great time for reconciliation, reconnection, or anything favorable to the affairs of the heart. You can treat your family to a nice dining out experience. As early as now, you can reserve your spots at your favorite restaurant in SM to celebrate this moment just in time for the weekend.”

At SM, families can indulge in a sumptuous dine-in experience with overflowing Lucky Feast deals from participating tenants.

Get a dose of positive energy at SM

The Feng Shui expert also noted that it is important to get a dose of the Yang energy that the SM Supermalls provide. “As opposed to just staying at home, why not go out and enjoy the festive activities at SM?  The place has a young, vibrant, and bright energy that would give one a positive experience. Invest in yourself, make it meaningful to you, and join the activities at SM.”

Discover your luck this year, face-to-face

If you want to have an in-depth forecast of your fortune this year, just present an SM receipt worth a minimum of P1,000 to get a chance to discover what’s in store for you this 2023. Check out the schedule below:

When it comes to an exciting Chinese New Year experience, SM Supermalls has lined up events that will help you harness positive energy this 2023. SM’s Lucky Parks will be up to give shoppers a meaningful CNY celebration. You can catch lucky rabbits all around the mall with your family and friends and earn rewards, or you can also watch live lion and dragon dance performances this weekend in select malls nationwide.

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