• March 4, 2024

Grab Philippines is dedicated to ensuring safe and convenient rides—not just for its passengers but also for its driver-partners. Emphasizing safety, Grab enhances its comprehensive suite of safety features with ongoing learning initiatives for its driver-partners, keeping them informed about road safety skills and regulations.

“Road safety is more than just abiding by traffic regulations as it is a multi-dimensional commitment that requires a 360-degree approach,” shared Grab Philippines Head of Operations CJ Lacsican.

“At Grab, we embrace a holistic safety ethos by introducing industry-first safety features within our app; and equipping our driver-partners with the skills needed to offer safe rides, which cover not only the technical aspects of driving but also the expected decorum when ferrying our passengers to their intended destination,” she added.

Grab PH Head of Mobility CJ Lacsican

Among the leading superapp’s key skills development initiatives on road safety is its webinar series called “Drive Safe: Takbong Pogi, Safe Palagi.” This quarterly event, featuring speakers from Grab and partner organizations, refreshes driver- and delivery-partners on road safety tips. The topics cover vehicle maintenance tips, road safety guidelines, and pointers on driver wellbeing.

In these webinars, Grab also partners with experts from different organizations. In the first quarter of 2023, Grab teamed up with CEMEX, a global construction material company, for knowledge-sharing sessions called ‘Listo Tayo!’ The focus was on safely navigating roads with both heavy- and light-duty trucks. About 1,000 driver and delivery partners have taken part in the series so far.

The “Drive Safe: Takbong Pogi, Safe Palagi” webinar series doesn’t just cover road safety; it also guides Grab driver-partners on passenger handling and customer service. It emphasizes creating a safe and comfortable experience for passengers, covering topics like gender sensitivity, using appropriate language, and general code of conduct.

To make learning more accessible, Grab offers GrabAcademy, an in-app learning platform for its partners. It provides exclusive educational programs for drivers, delivery personnel, and merchants. The courses cover topics such as road safety, vehicle sanitation, and data protection. There are also refresher courses on service quality standards and platform guidelines.

GrabAcademy extends beyond the job-related skills, offering modules on entrepreneurship, computer basics, and digital content.

Upon completion, partners receive a Certificate of Completion through their driver or merchant apps.

“As the famous adage goes, ‘life-long learning is the key to success’. We are committed to both providing a viable livelihood to our partners and ensuring that they have an optimum progression on the platform. It’s of high importance for us that they grow with us and that they are able to evolve their skillset as they pursue their professions within the Grab ecosystem or even other income-generating interests,” Lacsican said.

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