• April 19, 2024

The internet is arguably our primary source of information—and as millions of Filipinos anticipate casting their vote in the upcoming national elections on May 9, they are searching online for information about candidates and other related topics. 

To make it easier for the media to find this data for their stories, search giant Google launched Google Trends Philippine Elections page, a tool that helps surface the top queries, topics, and most-searched presidential and vice presidential candidates running in the elections.

As of writing, the page shows that the top searched presidentiable candidate in the past week is VP Leni Robredo. Meanwhile, Davao mayor Sara Dutere is the most searched vice presidential candidate.

The Alphabet-owned company stressed that the page is not a poll or survey and does not reflect voting intentions. Instead, it merely reflects people’s search interest about particular topics at a local level over a period of time. A spike in a particular search query does not reflect that a candidate is somehow “popular” or “winning.”

The Google Trends Philippine page also includes data on the top policy issues searched in each part of the country, such as agriculture, economy, education, and tourism among others.

All the charts from the page are embeddable and will continue to update even after they’re placed on a media’s site. 

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