• October 4, 2023

Regardless of riding style and preferences, riders should always prioritize safety above all else. This is why investing in a complete set of gear is crucial.

Komine, a Japanese brand that specializes in motorcycle safety gear and apparel, is a trusted brand with over 70 years under its belt. And now, you can gear up and ride safe with the brand’s latest collection.

There are jackets and pants available in different materials and styles—all offering comfort and safety to further shield the body from impact and abrasion. For riding gloves, there are leather and mesh options for added knuckle protection. These gloves even have a Smart Tip feature that allows you to use your smartphone or navigation system without the hassle of removing your gloves. Riders can also get bags and footwear.

JK-0143 Riding M-JKT LEGEND and WJ-7323R Jeans
BK-088 Waterproof Riding Shoes
JK-1283 Protect Full Mesh Jacket, SA-200 Waterproof Riding Bag 30, and SA-204 Riding Hip Bag

Daily commuters and urban riders who prefer a mix of style and functionality when it comes to their riding gear should check out the Komine JK-1123 Protective Half Mesh Parka GENRI textile mesh parka with removable hood. It’s made of lightweight and supple textile fabric combined with breathable mesh, making it comfortable to wear even when the sun’s out. Wear it with the GK-1833 Protect M-Gloves-BRAVE for a light but mighty knuckle protection and you’re good to rev.

JK-1123 Protective Half Mesh Parka GENRI and GK-1833 Protect M-Gloves-BRAVE

If you’re the type to go on wild adventures on your sportbike or adventure bike, make sure you get durable jackets, pants, and boots that offer protection from the elements.

The Komine JK-1573 Protective Carbon Mesh Jacket is lightweight and features high-strength carbon shoulder protectors, while the GK-2153 Protect 3D Mesh Gloves with three-dimensional mesh is equipped with TPR rubber knuckle guard and carbon slider on the palm.

JK-1573 Protective Carbon Mesh Jacket and GK-2153 Protect 3D Mesh Gloves

If you’re all about the chill, laid-back rides, try out the JK-166 Half Leather Mesh Jacket that combines mesh and leather, plus shoulder, elbow, spine, and chest protectors to boot. Complete the look with GK-2563 CE Protect Leather Mesh Gloves TURTLE that ensures protection and breathability while maintaining your style.

JK-166 Half Leather Mesh Jacket and GK-2563 CE Protect Leather Mesh Gloves TURTLE

To make sure that the gear you invest in meets safety standards, purchase only from authorized sellers that can guarantee their authenticity. Motoworld, MotoMarket, and MotoStyle officially carry Komine products that sport a quality seal as proof of compliance with various international standards.

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