• September 22, 2023

Shopping online is always a gamble. You’re never 100% sure if what you’re buying is what you’ll actually get. Even product reviews and customer testimonials are not always reliable. Bogus sellers and delivery issues are also a problem.

This is why it’s important to get some form of protection when buying online. GCash’s Online Shopping Protect offers just that. In partnership with international insurance company Chubb, GCash fights online shopping scams by seamlessly integrating protection coverage into online purchases from e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Zalora, and TikTok.

With Online Shopping Protect, all your online purchases can be protected with just one subscription per month via a pre-ticked checkbox at your GCash checkout. This will protect you from encountering online shopping mishaps for 60 days upon receipt of purchase.

The Online Shopping Protect feature aims to support online shopping customers in three ways:

1. Be protected when you pay with GCash

Every time you pay with GCash for your online shopping needs with select merchants, your subscription to GCash’s Online Shopping Protect is automatically ticked at checkout so you get an entire month’s subscription for all your online purchases.

2. Be protected before and after item delivery

Online Shopping Protect provides protection coverage of up to P10,000 for electronics and up to P20,000 for other items purchased online. Customers can get items priced over P250 covered by the policy for 60 days after receipt of purchase. Purchases are covered by Online Shopping Protect even after delivery, in case the item gets damaged accidentally or even stolen.

3. Spend around one peso a day for peace of mind

Subscribing to Online Shopping Protect will not put a dent on your Christmas bonus. The subscription is offered reasonably at only P34 for 30 days.

Online Shopping Protect covers most of your purchases, but will not cover the following: items below P250; electronic items and equipment over P10,000; jewelry, precious metals/gemstones, and watches over P5,000; counterfeit or fake goods; concert tickets; monthly-paid subscriptions; perishable goods or products that deteriorate over time due to environment such as perfume, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and chemicals; animals, livestock, or living plants; cash, cheques, real estate, stocks, shares, bonds, currencies, or digital assets; vehicles and equipment and/or parts necessary for their operation; firearms, art, antiques, and collectible items; items confiscated or declared illegal by any government, customs, or public body.

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