• April 23, 2024

Fake inks have long been a problem in the printer industry—and they can be a real headache. They mess with print quality, cause printers to malfunction, and they can void your warranty.

Well, Epson’s newly launched mobile app is here to save the day.

The Epson Genuine Ink PH app—available to download for free on iOS and Android devices—is designed to protect you from buying counterfeit inks.

Before you purchase inks at Epson’s official stores or authorized dealers, Epson recommends giving that hologram sticker on the side of its Genuine Inks boxes a once-over. This allows you to confirm the authenticity of the product in three ways before buying the product.

First is the temperature-sensitive element: rubbing the blue “genuine” section several times will cause it to lighten in color as a reaction to friction and heat.

Second is the light-sensitive aspect: shining a light directly onto the plain silver portions of the top and bottom hologram stickers will reveal the hidden word “Epson.”

Third: the color-shifting label on the ink box changes colors when tilted, further confirming the product’s authenticity.

After purchasing, you can use the Epson Genuine Ink PH app for verification as an added security measure. It allows you to verify the authenticity of the ink by scanning the QR code or inputting the Random Number (RN) found on the upper hologram sticker of the ink box. The app will then display whether the QR code or RN is registered as genuine.

What’s more, you can create a report if you suspect that you have purchased counterfeit ink. This will provide valuable information to Epson and help them combat the proliferation of fake inks in the market.

Epson encourages customers to purchase Genuine Inks only from authorized dealers and official online stores. By doing so, customers can enjoy the benefits of genuine Epson inks, including high-quality prints, reliable performance, and protection under Epson’s warranty.

Besides the app, Epson has a dedicated page called Speak UP! on its website, where you can report fake inks. With the Speak UP! page and the Epson Genuine Ink PH app, Epson is working hard to reduce the prevalence of fake inks in the market and ensure the quality and trustworthiness of its products for customers.

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