• May 28, 2024

You can now wear a Dyson.

The brand—known for its vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and bladeless fans—has just unveiled its first wearable: the Zone, a sci-fi-looking air purifier-noise-canceling headphones combo.

The Zone took six years (and 500 prototypes) to develop into its final form—long before air purifiers became so in demand because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aimed at city dwellers wanting to avoid polluted air, the Dyson Zone is made up of a pair of headphones and a detachable visor for the bottom half of the wearer’s face. Dyson integrated a miniaturized version of its air filtration system into each earcup. The air pulled in is then filtered and piped through the visor so the wearer can breathe in clean air.

As for the headphones part, Dyson promises to deliver rich and immersive audio through the drivers. On the headphones, you’ll also find active noise-cancelling with a Conversation and Transparency mode included.

Dyson’s announcement is just an initial reveal of the Zone ahead of a fall release date. No specifications and pricing have been revealed yet.

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