• December 9, 2023

To allow DITO users to fully enjoy cost-effective prepaid products and pursue their passions with the speed of DITO Flash 5G, DITO has introduced five “mas pinaTODO” mobile offerings.

“DITO is excited to unveil a fresh phase of connectivity, catering to the lifestyles, aspirations, and needs of Filipinos, especially for young adults and Gen Zs,” said DITO Chief Commercial Officer Evelyn Jimenez. “Our MasPinaTODO mobile prepaid offers aim to deliver a perfect balance between affordability and high-speed connectivity so that Filipinos can be ushered to a whole new horizon of endless possibilities and opportunities.”

Here are the five ‘mas pinaTODO’ offers DITO prepaid users can enjoy:

1. Elevating your digital lifestyle. DITO Level-Up Packs let you fully embrace digital living for as low as P99 valid for 30 days. DITO Level-Up Pack P99 includes a total of 7GB all-access data, unli all-net calls and texts, 300 minutes calls to other networks, and bonus 30-day Prime Video mobile edition subscription. The data rollover feature means any of your unused data will be carried over to the next subscription.

2. Envisioning seamless connection. Say goodbye to worries and hello to seamless connectivity with DITO’s Video over LTE (ViLTE) technology. Unlike other video calling apps, ViLTE functions seamlessly on DITO’s network, enabling endless conversations without data charges. You can even turn off data while staying connected using ViLTE’s unique capabilities. Note that this feature is available for ViLTE-enabled phones only.

3. Leading the future of connectivity. Empowered by its 5G SA technology, DITO showcases true 5G experience with DITO UNLI 5G 299. With this plan, you can enjoy unlimited 5G data along with 10GB 4G data, unli all-net calls and texts, and a bonus 300 minutes of calls to other networks. 

4. Redefining affordability and flexibility. DITO’s innovative DATA Sachets have been made affordable to make your digital needs more manageable. These flexible prepaid data options have been designed to seamlessly align with your budget, data needs, and usage duration. There’s a variety of choices: from 1GB at P10, to 2GB over 3 days for just P20, to 5GB of data valid for 7 days for only P50.

5. Unboxing limitless connectivity. The DITO Starter Pack comes packed with up to 25GB of data, including 3GB of 5G data, and unlimited calls and texts across all networks. As a special bonus, subscribing to the Level-Up Packs also gives you access to  Prime Video, adding another layer of excitement to your DITO adventure.

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