• October 1, 2023

Corsa Tires Philippines brought together motorcycle enthusiasts, industry leaders, and adrenaline junkies for Corsa Supremacy Unleashed, a celebration and showcase of the reliability and durability of Corsa motorcycle tires.

Stunts and a Safety Riding Clinic demonstrated how these tires excel in both daily heavy use riding and daring motorsport activities.

Corsa introduced its Platinum Series, a lineup of meticulously designed tires that combine the latest technology with a perfected compound material. The tires provide optimal grip, enhanced durability, and extended mileage, delivering a smooth and controlled ride and allowing you to dominate the streets with confidence:

Platinum Corsa R46For 14” rims, suitable for daily or racing, it has excellent handling performance.
Platinum Corsa R93For 17” rims, suitable for daily or racing, it has excellent grip and handling performance.
Platinum Corsa R26For rims 14” and 17”, suitable for  daily or racing, it has a balance between performance, durability and comfort.
Platinum Corsa V22For rims 14” and 17”, handles straight line with stability and confidence when cornering.
Platinum Corsa R99For rims 14” and 17”, suitable for maximum performance and comfortable ride.
Platinum Cross SFor rims 14” and 17”, suitable for all terrain on and off-road use.
Platinum Corsa M5For rims 12” and 13”, make the tire more stable during dryand wet road conditions.
Platinum Corsa S125For rims 17” and 18”, suitable for speed stability and better waterchanneling for safe riding on all road conditions during touring.

Corsa also introduced its newest brand ambassadors—called Corsa Elites—who were chosen for their expertise, knowledge, and love for motorcycles. These include AlBelle, Boss G, Boss Karl TV, Fake Moto, Goddess Moto, I Am Jamich, Jan Sy Photo+Blogs, Madamnventure, Moto G, MotoKem, Nars Lagalag, Primera Rekta, Roxanne Ventures, S1rTroy Motovlog, and Stay Breezy Always.

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