• October 4, 2023

ComClark Network and Technology Corp. (ComClark), the parent company of Converge ICT Solutions, is making available a satellite communication solution suited for ocean-going vessels, emergency responders, and even the military. 

Satellite Communications (SATCOM) On-the-Move is a satellite internet service infrastructure supported by Converge pure fiber technology. 

“With Satellite Communications On-the-Move, we can cater to niche businesses in the maritime sector and beyond. Already, we are seeing some applications not just in leisure watercraft but in the military sector and disaster response,” said Benedicto Bulatao, Chief Operations Officer of ComClark. 

The solution involves a state-of-the-art flat panel antenna receiving and transmitting data from a satellite which, in turn, is communicating with the earth station operated by ComClark (ComClark Teleport). The antenna is installed on the mobile vessel or vehicle, such as navy ships or yachts. 

The teleport acts as a telecommunications hub that connects the satellite with the terrestrial or backhaul network to provide high quality satellite communications services. The backhaul network of the earth station is powered by Converge, thus the bandwidth is being sourced from Converge’s network. 

According to ComClark, the flat panel antenna it is using—Kymeta u8 Hawk—is a next-generation VSAT that is electronically steered and precisely designed for mobility. It is also ready for low-earth orbit (LEO) systems. 

The plug-and-play solution offers unlimited satellite internet with no data cap. Bandwidth allocation is tailored per customer.

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