• April 23, 2024

The vibrant hues of New Clark City painted not only the sky but also the faces of nearly 5,000 participants of the CLiQQ to 7-Eleven Color Fun Run 2023.

The event, hosted by CLiQQ—the loyalty program of 7-Eleven Philippines—was a kaleidoscopic celebration of health, community spirit, and pure exhilaration.

Runners of all ages and fitness levels chose their preferred distances—2KM, 7KM, and 11KM. As the races kicked off, clouds of vibrant color powder filled the air, transforming the runners into living canvases of joy.

The excitement didn’t stop at the running track; it extended to the expo area, where sponsors offered freebies, giveaways, and a festive communal atmosphere. Participants enjoyed interactive booths, games, and the chance to win exciting prizes, along with exclusive discounts and perks through the CLiQQ app.

The event buzzed with excitement, featuring games and activities by URC and Mogu-Mogu Philippines and an intermission number by the NU Pep Squad.

It also buzzed with excitement, featuring multiple games and activities hosted by URC (Universal Robina Corporation) and Mogu-Mogu Philippines.

The organizers also introduced CLiQQShop, an enhanced version of cliqqgrocery.com. This platform promises an even more seamless and convenient shopping experience for users, aligning with CLiQQ’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for its customers.

Watch the event recap below:

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