• July 21, 2024

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (AA) has launched its Bosch Blue Line Brake Pads in the country as part of its commitment to ensure safety in road traffic.

“We at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket always advocate for safer cars and safer roads. Braking components such as brake pads play a crucial role in car safety,” said Paulo Duarte, General Manager of Bosch Philippines.

“We are always committed to progress by making essential contribution toward advancing technical progress in brake technology. Bosch brake innovations have been supporting road safety for more than 90 years.” he added.

Bosch Blue Line Brake Pads are engineered to be the best alternative to OE (original equipment). The line has excellent friction stability and shearing characteristics, low noise and vibration suppression, as well as good wear rate. It is also asbestos-free.

Bosch also launched the ENV6 Brake Fluid, which is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, especially those adhering to the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). The Bosch ENV6 is characterized by low viscosity, high boiling point, and good lubrication.

In addition to the brake components, Bosch AA also showcased during its launch event its Next-Generation Autoparts, which will it says will be available in the market soon. These include the Bosch AGM Battery, EFB Battery, Aeristo Premium Cabin Filter, LED Gigalight, and EVO Spark plugs.

Want to know more about these products? You may check them out at Bosch’s e-catalog, which is designed with specific functions depending on roles—whether you’re a distributor, retailer, workshop, or car owner.

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