• July 21, 2024

Binance Academy, the educational platform of the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, recently concluded the first leg of its Southeast Asia University Tour in the Philippines.

From April 17 to April 20, the Binance Academy team and Kenneth Stern, general manager of Binance in the Philippines, visited some of the country’s largest universities. These include the Asia Institute of Management, the University of Batangas, National University Laguna, Enderun Colleges, and the Far Eastern University, where they met over 1,000 students and staff.

Kenneth Stern at the University of Batangas

Adam Smurthwaite, content and partnerships manager at Binance, led introductory training sessions on blockchain and cryptocurrency during these visits.

At National University Laguna, Binance Academy partnered with Yield Guild Games (YGG), a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in NFT gaming projects, to share more about Web3 gaming and NFTs with the attendees.

Afterward, the 400 students present teamed up in groups to brainstorm and develop innovative ideas to gamify a learning platform, with the winning team receiving exclusive Binance merchandise as a reward.

Adam Smurthwaite conducting a training session on “Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 101” at National University Laguna

As Binance Academy’s first foray into the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, the Philippines has witnessed tremendous growth and interest in the Web3 ecosystem, with a proven Web3 and blockchain adoption track record. As this nascent technology emerges, it is essential to close the knowledge gap by providing users with ready access to information and educational materials.

Kenneth Stern sees this educational drive as one of the critical components in harnessing the Philippines’ potential to become a leading blockchain and Web3 hub.

Binance Academy also partnered with Enderun Colleges in the Philippines to expand its educational reach and increase crypto literacy among students and educators.

Binance Academy recently teamed up with Edukasyon.ph, the Philippines’ largest education technology platform, to launch the Binance Scholar Philippines Web3 Scholarship. This scholarship program aims to increase educational outreach in the market and provide opportunities for the broader inclusion of Filipinos in the Web3 industry.

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