• June 24, 2024

Planning a family holiday but are on a budget? Digital travel platform Agoda shares 7 travel hacks to help save big on your next family outing.

“We want planning a family vacation, whether it’s with immediate family or a multi-generational trip, to be a fun experience, filled with anticipation, and above all easy to do,” says Enric Casals, Regional Vice-President, Oceania and Southeast Asia, Agoda. “We help all travelers on Agoda find the best possible deal, no matter the group size or travel purpose. And hopefully the tips below will help just that little bit extra to make sure the family’s travel budget is spent as wisely as possible.”

#1: Bundle together, save together

While getting on a plane can be quite the adventure for the kids, it may take a sizable chunk out of the travel budget. The best way to save on airfares is by bundling the flight with the accommodation. This often results in additional discounts, leaving more for fun activities at the destination.  

Did you know: Agoda has a special ‘Flight + Hotel’ tab where you can search the best bundle deals for your desired destination

#2: Start the day with a good (and included) breakfast

It’s crucial to start an activity-rich vacation day with some proper breakfast. But feeding those hungry mouths out of pocket every day can add up. Booking an accommodation with breakfast included not only can save you lots of money, but it also provides some peace of mind—the coffee is already brewing, the bread ready to toast. Just make sure you wake up in time! 

Did you know: You can filter results to only include accommodations that offer free breakfast

#3: Go deal-hunting

Travel platforms often introduce special discounted rates for occasions like “double days,” payday, upcoming holidays, and many other reasons. It’s worth keeping track of those, and you may even stumble upon some “secret deals” with stacked discounts. 

Did you know: Agoda shares secret deals in its newsletter?

#4: To book refundable or not to book refundable? 

If like most families you have fixed travel dates due to school term breaks, great savings can still be made if you opt for the non-refundable lower price deals. If you need some flexibility with the dates of travel, you can compare room rates and conditions for the deals that suit you. 

Did you know: You can use filters to reveal properties that let you make refundable bookings?

#5: Feels like home

The more the merrier, sure, but sometimes it’s better to go with “one size fits all.” Booking a holiday home instead of several hotel rooms is often the more budget-friendly option. Stack up the fridge, light up the BBQ, and use the space in the living room to play some board games or charades with the whole gang. 

The Kandugyap House by the Sea is just one of the examples that exemplifies this. Located in Bantayan, Cebu, this Agoda Home offers privacy and togetherness for large groups. With a private pool, a charming gazebo surrounded by lush greens, and a view of the sea from the kitchen, it’s an idyllic retreat. 

Did you know: In addition to hotels, you can also book apartments, houses and villas as well as unique places to stay via Agoda Homes.

#6: Uncover the best of your backyard. Go local!

Domestic travel is a win-win: It allows the family to skip costs for overseas flights and visa expenses while renewing a sense of national pride as travelers get to learn about their own culture. When choosing a local destination, consider hidden-gem destinations that give the family a completely different experience from locations frequented by others. 

One such place is Tinago Island in Surigao del Norte. Aptly named the “hiding place” of the Lapsay Lagoon, its pristine waters offer a variety of adventures from rafting, island-hopping, and spelunking via boat. To get there, travelers need to come from Surigao City where a number of relaxing Agoda accommodations await travelers, such as the Surigao Dream Beach Resort.

Or opt for nature-filled destinations! It’s an immersive experience within nature that lets the family save up on expenditure compared to being in the urban jungle.

Take the majestic province of Banaue, for example, renowned for its awe-inspiring Banaue Rice Terraces and the vibrant local tribes that inhabit the area. By paying a minimal environmental fee and taking advantage of affordable public transportation options, travelers create treasured memories while getting a profound understanding of the region’s rich cultural tapestry.

After a whole day of adventure, the Native Village Inn offers a sanctuary for families seeking solace. It’s remarkable view deck provides a breathtaking panorama of the Rice Terraces, while the meticulously designed interiors beautifully showcase the captivating allure of Ifugao culture, earning the praise of its esteemed guests.

Did you know: Agoda Special Offers provide staycation packages that offer better value deals by including spa treatments, meals, or upgrades as part of the booking. 

#7: Adventure awaits: Unlock thrills with pre-booked experiences 

Seeking unforgettable family bonding through thrilling activities? The good news is, for those must-visit tourist hotspots, you can book your tickets online ahead of time to save money and fast-track your way to adventure. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to instant enjoyment as you make memories with your loved ones. Get ahead of the game, secure your spot, and let the excitement begin!

Did you know: Agoda has 130,000 tours and activities in more than 2000 destination cities. You can book your activities through Agoda and enjoy the best deals. 

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