• October 1, 2023

Yamaha Motor Philippines has launched a new campaign promoting its new scooter, the Mio Gear. The ‘Play Your Tough’ campaign is “an encouraging push to ride through every challenge, master the hustle, and forge your way to an unbreakable lifestyle.”

The Mio Gear is an urban scooter built to be functional and resilient—one that can help you conquer city streets with its blend of style, convenience, and usability.

To build hype around the scooter, Yamaha set up a Mio Gear Playground at the Mall of Asia Music Hall last May 6 and 7, where a series of competitions showcased the tenacity and dedication of the participants.

The playground was divided into three main areas. The basketball area played host to a 3×3 basketball challenge, where teams composed of influencers, media partners, and selected ballers went head-to-head for the right to challenge the Coach Mavs Phenomenal Basketball team.

There was also a Spartan Obstacle Course, where aspiring athletes competed against the top Spartans in the country.

The third area was the Call of Duty Mobile Challenge, where gamers went up against the Omega E-Sports Team from Mineski.

The playground was also made open to the public to allow them to test their skills and try out the challenges. The new Yamaha Mio Gear was, of course, also on display.

The Mio Gear Playground is set to unleash toughness in Cebu and Davao in the coming months.

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