• June 25, 2024

Heading to Baguio this summer? While the City of Pines is known for its cool weather throughout the year, it also offers unique and amazing food palettes that visitors can enjoy. 

So if you’re looking for a summer getaway that’s filled with good food and amazing scenery, make sure to check out these places—all found at SM City Baguio:

Highland Brew Café

The cool breeze and cold weather in Baguio are a perfect match for some premium Highland Coffee and Filipino native pastries. Highland Brew Café’s signature drinks are named after famous mountains in the Cordillera region, such as Mt. Amuyao Crumble and Mt. Pulag Cloud. Pair your drinks with some sweet or savory treats such as Bibingka Cheesecake Espesyal or Shepherd’s Pie.

Tea House Kitchen by Chona

Tea House Kitchen by Chona offers Chinese Filipino cuisine with infusions of Asian delicates. You can enjoy palabok, pansit, spaghetti, cakes, lumpiang shanghai, pasta, chicken wings, salads, and many more. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers a wide variety of food offerings in Baguio, Tea House Kitchen by Chona is one.

Taqueria Chupacabra

If you want something different, try out the authentic Texan–Mexican cuisine of Taqueria Chupacabra. The restaurant serves street tacos and cheap beer while offering some burritos, BBQs, quesadillas, and enchiladas, too. If you’ve heard of El Chupacabra in Poblacion, Makati, Taqueria Chupacabra is actually its company offspring. 

H.O.Y. House of Yolo Yogurt

If you’re a yogurt lover or just want to try something new, visit the H.O.Y. House of Yolo Yogurt in Baguio. It prides itself with its very own home blend yogurt featuring the best of Highland and local products from other provinces. The restaurant doesn’t limit itself to just yogurt-related products, though. It also serves Asian snacks such as baked hopia, cheesy pie, apple peanut bread, banana bread, and carrot-squash bread.

Coffee and Pine

Looking for a unique coffee experience during your visit or stay in Baguio? Check out Coffee and Pine, the local coffee shop in Baguio known for serving one of the town’s finest coffee. It’s not just the drinks that make Coffee and Pine stand out; the cozy ambiance and soothing music will make you fall in love with every sip.

Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop

Indulge in a sweet escape at Vizco’s Cake Shop and Entree by Vizco’s. The cafe is known for its delectable desserts and offers a wide array of treats that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. In addition to desserts, the cafe also serves Western dishes such as salads, pasta, pizza, and specialty rice meals that will satisfy your craving for savory dishes.

James Wright Café

This café in Baguio offers all-natural and affordable breads made by artisan bakers using the freshest ingredients. You can also enjoy dishes like Beef Bulgogi, Beef Empanada, and Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Hill Station Bistro

From their all-day breakfast to their international food classics such as homemade and home-smoked deli products, Hill Station Bistro has everything for everyone. You can experience all this at the heart of Camp John Hay and inside SM City Baguio.


Chins in SM Baguio is a must-try for those who are looking for delicious and authentic Chinese dining experience. Craving for flavorful noodles? Chins got you covered! Whether you’re dining solo or with a group, Chins will surely satisfy your hunger.

Mango Tree Café

Looking for a refreshing and minimalist dining experience? Then check out Mango Tree Café. Known for its mouth-watering mango-themed dishes and desserts, Mango Tree not only offers good food but also Instagram-worthy aesthetics.

Nanam Iloco

If you’re looking for something different and flavorful, try out Nanam Iloco for some rich Ilocano cuisine. Every plate is served and packed with unique and distinct flavors.

Salo Lechon Belly Café

From their savory lechon belly to flavorful sisig, every dish at Salo Lechon Belly Café will make your mouth water.

Genki Sushi

If you’re a Japanese food lover, then Genki Sushi is a must-try food place for you. Their conveyor belt sushi concept will surely be enjoyed by anyone. Pick from a wide variety of delicious and fresh sushi and Japanese food.

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