• July 20, 2024
Vespo PP-R

With all the viral scares that have recently plagued the world, it’s crucial to make sure that our homes and workspaces are built to be safe from viruses and bacteria—down to its very foundation. This includes a waterline system that’s clean and safe. According to the World Health Organization, safe and sufficient water facilitates the practice of hygiene, which is a key measure to prevent not only diarrheal diseases, but acute respiratory infections and numerous neglected tropical diseases. 

However, even if your water source is clean and safe, it can still get contaminated via the delivery system. If your water piping isn’t up to standard, there’s a very high chance that you can all still get sick from unclean water.  

Thankfully, Vesbo PP-R BioCote Antimicrobial Pipes are now available in the Philippines. These state-of-the-art German waterline pipes have been proven and certified to destroy microbes such as viruses and bacteria.

Vesbo Pipes are effective against a wide spectrum of microbes, including bacteria, mold, fungi, protozoan, algae, and virus—COVID-19 and its many variants included. 

Vesbo achieved this feat thanks to a $10 million joint engineering project with antimicrobial technology supplier Biocote to develop pipes that have been formulated with anti-microbial additives. These pipes were tested according to the ISO 22196 standard and were shown to have a remarkable effectiveness level—up to 99.9%—for its antimicrobial effect on a wide range of microbes without degrading in time.

Furthermore, the Vesbo pipes also minimize staining and bad odors. The partnership with Biocote also means that these pipes are certified by the HACCP International’s Food Safety Certification. 

Vebso assures that these pipes will last more than a lifetime versus the standard piping systems in the market—making them an ideal choice for your homes and building projects. 

To know more and to see what pipes are available, check out the Vesbo website or Techglobal Inc.’s website, the official and exclusively distributor.

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