• June 25, 2024
healthy baon

One of the challenges of sending your kids back to school is ensuring that they have healthy nutrition options in their lunchboxes. With all the activities they engage in, they need to have optimum nutrition to power them through their day. Thankfully, you can shop for healthy snacks from the comfort of your home at The Goodwill Market

The Goodwill Market has a curated catalog of baon products that can be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. Kids will enjoy fun and filling bites of Gullon cookies and wafers that have good-for-you ingredients.

The Mega Dueto Chocolate has delicious chocolate filling sandwiched between two large Gullón biscuits while the No Sugar Added Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookies that is made with high-oleic sunflower oil has no artificial flavors and is a cholesterol-free source of fiber. Traditional baon favorites are given a healthier take with the Sugar Free Vanilla and Chocolate Wafer and Sugar Free Maria Biscuits.

Help your kids get their fruit servings even when on the go with Fruit Me Up drinks. The all-time favorite Apple Banana variant is rich in potassium, Vitamin C, and fiber while the Mango Banana Passion gives a tropical vibe that is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.

For a more localized taste treat, Fruit Me Up also has Soursop Apple and Strawberry and Pink Guava combinations that are sure to delight budding gourmands while giving them the nutrients that they need for the school day.  

These healthy baon ideas and more are available at The Goodwill Market. Sign up for the newsletter to get ahead on promos and the latest product news.

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