• May 19, 2024
Smart PowerAll 99

To enable its subscribers to fluidly adapt to a hybrid world, Smart Prepaid has launched Power All 99, which comes with 8GB for all sites and apps, Unli TikTok, and Unli Texts to All Networks valid for 7 days for only P99.

With Power All 99, you can use a wide range of productivity apps at work or school, or your choice of entertainment on-the-go—whether through streaming videos, listening to music and podcasts, or playing mobile games. 

You can also use the huge open access data to browse your favorite websites, share content on social media, make video calls using your favorite apps, and access essential digital services such as e-banking, food delivery, and online shopping.

If you want an even bigger data allocation, you can register to Power All 149, which comes with 12GB of data for all sites, Unli TikTok and Unli Calls to All Networks.

To register to Power All 99, log into the GigaLife App or your go-to mobile wallet app, dial *123#, or head to your nearest retailer or convenience store.

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