• July 20, 2024

Schneider Electric has forged a five-year partnership with technical vocational institution Dualtech Training Center Foundation, Inc. (Dualtech) to enhance the latter’s Tech Voc program and support more young Filipino scholars to become highly competitive skilled workers.

This is in response to the global transition to Industrial 4.0 that requires upskilling of the workforce to become equipped in electrical, mechanical, and automation labor.

As part of the partnership, Schneider Electric has committed to donate P3 million worth of electrical and electronic equipment that will be utilized for the training of its scholars. Additionally, Schneider Electric will also be offering mentorship initiatives where Dualtech scholars will learn from a pool of Schneider Electric experts.

Dualtech, accredited by TESDA, offers a two-year Electromechanics Technology course that combines electrical, mechanical, and electronics disciplines. To meet global demand for skilled workers, Dualtech is upgrading its training program and facilities through partnerships with institutions such as Schneider Electric to address equipment and tools shortages.

“Behind every student in Dualtech is a story and every scholar who receives help is essentially a family receiving help as well so we’re constantly finding ways to be able to cater to more scholars. The support of Schneider Electric Philippines to our institution is valuable as it would aid us to achieve our objective,” said Engr. Jerry Webb Muhi, President and Executive Director of Dualtech.

“We believe that the donations and the mentorship program that they’re offering will greatly help improve Dualtech’s capability to develop more competitive future skilled workers and will also allow us to advance our technical vocation program,” he added.

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