• June 25, 2024

Traveling from Manila to Bicol (or vice versa) takes at least 10 hours and can be quite taxing. That’s why a comfortable ride makes a lot of difference.

Thankfully, one of Bicol region’s reputable bus companies is now offering passengers another option to experience a safe, clean, and spacious ride.

BJ Mercantile, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Scania in the country, recently turned over four Scania Touring buses to Cagsawa Travel and Tours, Inc. The Swedish-built Scania Touring is set to provide passengers the utmost comfort and convenience with its electronically controlled air suspension, thick body insulators for better noise  cancelling, enclosed overhead luggage compartments like those found in commercial  airplanes, and USB charging slots in every seat.  

For a more spacious cabin, the number of  seats of the standard Scania Touring was reduced from 51 to 38 and adopted a 2 + 2 seating  configuration.

“Our drivers are also  well-rested as they have very comfortable private sleeping quarters at the back of the  bus,” said William Rogando, Director and Operations Manager of Cagsawa Travel and Tours, Inc.

The Scania Touring buses promises to deliver fuel economy, energy efficiency, reduced  emissions, and excellent uptime.

They are also equipped with the latest technology to  enhance the safety of passengers and other motorists. Standard safety features include electronic stability program (ESP), speed limiter, traction control, driving modes (economy and standard), hill hold, and auxiliary brakes (retarder).

Other functions that can be added to further support the driver—whether they are on the open  highway or in busy city environments—are adaptive cruise control, lane keep assistance, and blind spot warning.

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