• June 24, 2024
TLU Panasonic

While restrictions and protocols have eased up in the country, the threat of the coronavirus remains. This and other viruses raise legitimate health concerns, which is why ensuring safety against COVID-19 and other highly resistant viruses is a top priority for everyone, including different business owners.

To address this issue and beef up protection against these air pollutants, Toyota La Union (TLU) installed Panasonic Air Conditioners with nanoe X technology in its showroom to help purify and inhibit different pollutants present in the air and surfaces.

nanoe X is Panasonic’s patented air purification technology that neutralizes harmful air pollutants like viruses, allergens, bacteria, and molds. More recently, nanoe X has also been proven to inhibit four types of novel coronavirus variants—Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta—in a 45-liter test space (with size of 350 x 350 x 400mm) in as fast as two hours by over 99.7%.

Eight units of the Panasonic NX Series Ceiling Exposed Air Conditioners were installed inside TLU, strategically placed to cover all possible spaces.

At Toyota La Union’s upgraded showroom, you can shop for cars without having to worry about the risk of touching contaminated surfaces or inhaling live viruses in the air. You can focus on the cars of your interest, as well as on the deal you are about to make.

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