• April 24, 2024

For more than a century, the Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD) in Pasay City has shown how education can empower people with diverse disabilities. However, as one of Southeast Asia’s oldest institutions for the deaf, the school is facing challenges due to time and wear, affecting its ability to fulfill its mission.

The Henry Sy Foundation, SM Foundation (SMFI), and the Department of Education’s Schools Division Office in Pasay City teamed up to revitalize PSD’s Senior High School building and a four-story, 12-classroom structure. This joint effort, part of the DepEd’s adopt-a-school program, shows how working together can enhance educational infrastructure for the community’s well-being.

Teachers conduct lectures on electronics in a more conducive laboratory after the rehabilitation of the school building

Previously hindered by infrastructural limitations, the century-old school now features enhanced learning spaces dedicated to various subjects, including dressmaking, beauty care, cookery, electrical, bartending, food & beverage preparation, ICT, and dance. A dance studio with a dressing room and a conference room were also refurbished.

The laboratory for baking and cookery has been equipped with new tools and furniture, helping conduct more hands-on classes.

To enhance safety and accessibility, ramps and railings were installed throughout the campus, ensuring ease of movement for all students. Aside from revitalizing 10 classrooms, the SM group also refurbished the conference rooms, and the lobby with a reception area.

Differently abled students from PSD focus as they attend their beauty and cosmetology class in their new building.

Helping instill good hygiene and encourage healthy habits, a handwashing station, and separate male and female toilets were rehabilitated with clean, functional cubicles, urinals, and PWD-friendly facilities.

The covered court was restored with a spacious stage, creating a conducive space for outdoor learning and recreation. 

The rehabilitation of PSD facilities aims to create an environment where every student can thrive, addressing not just physical challenges but also fostering inclusivity. The project reflects the ongoing commitment of SM and Henry Sy Foundations to empower differently-abled individuals through education.

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