• May 28, 2024
Home Credit Moira dela Torre

Consumer finance company Home Credit Philippines (HCPH) has introduced singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre as the brand’s ambassador for its Para sa Life campaign that aims to share a message of hope for a better life for Filipinos.

Moira, who performed the theme song “Para sa Life” for Home Credit’s campaign video, said that she’s glad to be given the opportunity to be Home Credit’s ambassador “so I can give voice to that wonderful song to inspire more Filipinos.” 

The artist behind the hit songs “Malaya,” “Tagpuan,” and many more believes that Home Credit’s new campaign can touch the hearts of millions of Filipinos.

“I really love that Home Credit allows us to have somebody to rely on. Back in college, I really wanted to buy a microwave for myself since I was living alone. But I knew that it was impossible for me to get one since I couldn’t afford it in cash,” Moira said.  

“Now, I love that Home Credit provides us the accessibility to purchase the things we need in life while giving us the flexibility in our payment terms. And I’m happy that someone out there, who I once was like, can now buy their microwave because of Home Credit,” Moira added.

According to Sheila Paul, HCPH’s Chief Marketing Officer, the songs “encapsulates the brand’s promise of companionship through the use of our easily accessible and affordable financial products for our Filipino consumers.”

“Also, the song relays that Home Credit is ideal for young families and starting individuals who aspire to establish their lifelong plans and helping them turn small dreams into reality,” she added.

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