• May 21, 2024

Tech-enabled express logistics company Ninja Van Philippines is shaping a post-pandemic workplace that brings balance to employee’s safety, productivity, and empowerment. 

In a media webinar called “Hybrid Hustle: Redefining the New Normal,” Ninja Van Philippines Chief Commercial Office Sabina Lopez-Vergara reiterated that the company’s mission to make hassle-free deliveries “rests on the hard work, skills, and passion of our people—and we continuously hustle to ensure that our employees grow and maximize their full potential.”

Vergara shared that in response to employee needs, Ninja Van Philippines has implemented a full hybrid setup for its corporate office. Those in the support and commercial groups, such as sales, marketing, finance, and administration, only report to work physically on an as-needed basis, aligned with their respective teams’ schedules and priorities. 

Vergara also revealed that the company has begun renovations of its Makati headquarters to make it more conducive for employees reporting onsite. Among the expected upgrades include fitness equipment and game nooks for better work-play integration; rest and shower areas; and individual call booths for focused work. 

Ninja Van Philippines has also recently launched Ninja Clubs, encouraging employees to form interest groups within the company and secure funding for their programs and activities. 

Organized by Ninja Van Philippines, the Hybrid Hustle event brought together leaders from the region’s leading job search and networking platforms, the government, and local human resources industry to discuss trends, opportunities, and challenges in the evolving post-pandemic work landscape in the Philippines.

Echoing industry trends, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Executive Director for the Institute of Labor Studies (ILS) Charisma Satumba shared that the government has issued policies on flexible work arrangements and telecommuting.

LinkedIn Emerging Markets Regional Sales Head Atul Harkisanka, on the other hand, shared best practices on how companies in the region can attract and retain top talent in a time of great flux in the workplace. These include focusing on skills to attract talent, encouraging learning to create a great work culture, and enabling and empowering managers to make flexibility decisions.

Offering employers insights on how to move forward, People Management Association of the Philippines President Ellen Fullido presented trends in human resources and people management that are designed to be more responsive to future disruptions. She emphasized that a healthy work environment allows employees to strive for work-life balance and encourages collaboration, flexibility, inclusion, and accountability. 

Ninja Van Philippines, which has long attracted the country’s top talent due to its dynamic and growth-oriented culture, seeks to further build its workforce in support of its goals amid the pandemic. The company continues to hustle across all levels of its organizations—from operations and its thousands of riders across the country, to its various support teams at its corporate office—to provide hassle-free deliveries for shoppers and shippers.

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