• October 2, 2023

Esports and gaming entertainment Nexplay has announced its strategic partnership with top-tier amateur esports team Minana for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL). 

The partnership will see the Minana team play as NXPE in the 11th season of the MPL, building on their dominant performance in the amateur circuit. All team operations will be based in the Philippines.

The roster will consist of Christian “GoyongDR” Martinez, Bien “BoyetDR” Chumecera, Danver “DingDR” Canja, Jeniel “YellyHaze” Bata-Anon, Borris “BruskoDR” James Parro, and Dominic “DomengDR” Delmundo. They will be joined by head coach Joshua Alfaro and assistant head coach Jayson Navarro Casidsid.

“We’ve been very impressed with Minana and their dedication to the game. Their results speak for themselves, and we believe they are ready to make an even louder bang in the pro league,” said Gabriel Benito, CEO and Co-founder of Nexplay.

“We are honored to be joining Nexplay and proud to represent the Philippines in the MPL. We are hungry and determined to keep pushing ourselves to the limit and prove that we belong in the pro league,” said Julius Mariano, Minana Founder.

Nexplay and Ampverse, Minana’s parent company, will be working together to bring in sponsorships for the team. The partnership not only hopes to bring in championships to Nexplay fans, but also growth opportunities for the players in terms of their esports careers. 

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