• June 24, 2024

Climate change is a real, pressing issue that we should all care about. To help deepen our understanding of environmental issues, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines and Epson have launched Museo Kalikasan.

The virtual museum, anchored on Epson’s Turn Down the Heat campaign, aims to make the learning and discovery of the current state of the planet through a fun, easy-to-digest, and interactive experience. It tackles climate change through a three-dimensional simulated experience, providing illustrative and immersive explanations on important themes and topics. 

Registered users can customize avatars before starting their virtual adventure. Three thematic biomes—the Arctic, the Tropics, and the City—discuss topics ranging from biodiversity in the ecosystem to the science of climate change. They also offer virtual experiences and perspectives unique to their themes. 

  • The Arctic biome showcases the Arctic habitat and biodiversity present in the ecosystem, bringing to light the effects of global warming in the Arctic especially on endangered species. 
  • The Tropics biome gives a glimpse of the distinct biodiversity in both the tropical terrestrial ecosystem and the tropical marine ecosystem. It goes in depth on the effect of climate change on the various tropical habitats and organisms across the world, and how the issue continues to pose as a great threat to the Tropics.
  • The City biome calls attention to the importance of sustainable living as part of the One Planet Lifestyle. The biome illustrates waste management and pollution as some of the most persistent global problems. It also provides examples of different and practical solutions that can be implemented. 
The City biome

At the end of the virtual journey, users are encouraged to sign a pledge board where they may choose various sustainable lifestyle practices and advocacies they can commit to.

“The battle against climate change can be won by conquering the hearts and minds of people, starting with the youth, who stand to lose most if the climate crisis is inadequately addressed,” said Ed Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines. 

“This partnership with WWF Philippines furthers Epson Philippines’ commitment to building a sustainable future through projects that educate the youth on the urgency of climate change and empowering them to take an active role in protecting the environment and the planet,” he added.

The virtual museum is integrated into Camp Kalikasan, an online portal with educational materials in easy-to-understand formats such as stories, comic strips, games, puzzles, and videos about environmental topics.

Museo Kalikasan can be accessed through browsers on your phone, laptop, and desktop.

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