• December 9, 2023

Motolite has released two batteries as part of its premium EXCEL line: the EXCEL EFB and EXCEL AGM.

Using German technology and its state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities, Motolite has engineered these top-of-the-line batteries to meet the needs of a growing selection of premium automobiles in the country.

Motolite EXCEL EFB is engineered to work with start-stop engines. It features lower battery temperatures due to low-type plates that provide headspace for acid, increased corrosion resistance, reduced chances of internal short circuits, and improved current distribution and lowered electrical resistance.

This battery also has increased resistance to vibration from product-specific container ribs; and slowed self-discharge and reduced deep-discharge shorts through special additives for the battery paste and battery electrolyte.

Meanwhile, Motolite EXCEL AGM batteries offer AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) separators that absorb the electrolyte, which is critical in enabling oxygen-hydrogen recombination and making the battery spill-proof.

Both Motolite EXCEL EFB and AGM are backed by Motolite’s nationwide warranty coverage. EXCEL EFB offers an 18-month/27-month warranty (for start-stop vehicles/conventional vehicles, respectively), while EXCEL AGM has a 21-month/24-month warranty (for start-stop vehicles/conventional vehicles, respectively).

  • For prompt free delivery and expert advice on the appropriate sizes for your car batteries, contact these Motolite Express Hatid Hotlines:
  • Metro Manila: (02) 8370- 6686
  • Provincila toll-free: 1-800-10-370-6686
  • Smart: 0918-843-6686
  • Globe: 0917-891-6686

You may also visit the Motolite website to check the brand’s complete line of batteries.

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