• May 21, 2024

It’s almost halfway through the school year and students—and their families—have (hopefully) adjusted to a fully in-person academic experience.

But two years of virtual classes may have taken its toll on the gadgets your kids use. So if your pre-schooler, teen, or college kid needs to upgrade their tech devices, HP has listed down some suggestions for you. 

Noise-canceling headphones

Do your children jam to their favorite tunes a bit too loud? Consider buying them the HP Stereo 3.5mm Headset G2. These are a great option when it comes to protecting their ears and are useful for both free time and study hours.


Take note-taking a notch higher with the help of smart convertible PCs like the HP Pavilion x360. This device helps students retain information better by allowing them to go into tablet mode to write out notes with a pen, and then switch to tent or laptop mode to review and edit later. The HP Pavillion x360 is lightweight and boasts an 11:30 hour battery life.

Lap desk

Whether they’re lounging on the couch or up late in bed, students can be productive with a lap desk. Many convenient portable tables allow students to use their gadgets even when not working at a desk.

Wireless keyboard

Having your children squint at a Google doc on their phone while cursing their massive thumbs is no way to do word processing on the go. Pair a wireless keyboard, like this HP 230 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo, to their gadget for a much more pleasant, accurate, and wireless experience.

Power bank

Avoid the inconvenience of a ‘low battery’ notification, or worse, the dreaded mid-message power outage, by considering a power bank as another back-to-school purchase. Wherever your children are throughout the day, having easy access to power for their gadgets will keep the stress and hassle away. 

HP Easy Ink and HP Smart App

Have you ever felt like you’re constantly running out of ink? Consider subscribing to HP Easy Ink through Abenson or Electroworld, and have new cartridges delivered directly to your doorstep. If you pair your printer with the HP Smart App, you and your children can enable a private pick-up feature that prints documents only when you’re near, so multiple family members or nosey roommates can’t sneak a peek or mix up printouts.

Digital family calendar

Keeping track of your family’s busy schedule can be made much easier with an easy-to-view shared digital calendar in a central spot at home. By putting up a personalized wall calendar that is constantly updating, you and your kids can coordinate schedules, events, extra-curricular, important deadlines, and appointments, and stay on the same (digital) page. 

Gearing up for a hybrid and in-person learning setup is now easier and more within reach. HP’s innovative peripherals allow students to create an elevated learning experience for themselves and enable more Filipinos to adapt and thrive in the hybrid lifestyle.

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