• June 13, 2024

Know someone who overshares online? You know who we’re talking about—that friend who checks in and broadcasts his current location every time, that colleague who keeps posting photos of her big-ticket purchases, or that relative who posts pictures of others without their consent.

Sadly, oversharing online is rampant among social media users of all ages. That is why it’s important that teens (and yes, even adults) should have solid understanding of what’s appropriate to post online and what isn’t.

In a bid to educate and protect teenagers online, Meta, in line with the Kabataang Digital Campaign of the National Privacy Commission (NPC), Child Rights Network (CRN), and creators and youth advocates, Janina Vela and Hannah Pangilinan, launched a series of informative webtoons on how to protect data and safeguard privacy online—key topics that young (and even adult) Filipinos need to know more about.  

Creators, youth advocates, and IRL besties Hannah Pangilinan and Janina Vela with Meta Safety Policy Manager for APAC Malina Enlund at the launch of Meta’s Webtoons

Each webtoon—Get Ready With Me, From URL to IRL, and The Cat in the Alley—is composed of three episodes and are available to view and download for free on the Digital Tayo website. The webtoons will soon be available in Filipino, Cebuano, and other languages. Meta will be partnering with other organizations and government agencies for expanded distribution.

Get Ready With Me.

Choose-your-own adventure games are also available on the Digital Tayo website. These interactive activities can help teens practice their decision-making skills and gain perspective on how they could deal with various situations.

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