• May 21, 2024

Leading health maintenance organization (HMO) Maxicare Healthcare Corporation and Filipino health startup and digital solutions provider Advanced Abilities Solution Management and Services Inc. have partnered to introduce the latest innovation in healthcare technology: AI SmartScan.

The AI-powered X-ray platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist radiologists in rapidly analyzing chest X-rays and computerized tomography (CT) scans. It can deliver results in just two minutes.

Using AI technology, digital chest scans are automatically evaluated to provide accurate analyses for 25 different chest pathologies including tuberculosis, pneumonia, lung nodules, emphysema, cardiomegaly (enlarged heart), COVID-19, and even the early detection of lung cancer.

Apart from providing quick solutions to urgent needs during the pandemic, the AI Smart Scan ultimately banks on improving overall healthcare services in the country to deliver speedy, cost-efficient, and accurate test results with added features of scalability and portability for better patient care.

Advanced Abilities recently opened its new headquarters along Aguirre St. in Makati. The space will be the home of technological innovations. Aside from healthcare solutions, the company also spearheaded the development of a mobile app that tracks, monitors, and responds to distress calls from Filipinos living and working abroad in real time.

Soon, Advanced Abilities will be launching more products under its cloud-based OTT engine, including an online streaming platform that will allow filmmakers, artists, content publishers, and entertainment enthusiasts to showcase their creations and interact with audiences all over the world.

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