• February 21, 2024

LG OLED TV, which has been ranked the No.1 selling OLED TV brand for 10 consecutive years by Omdia, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Since its first outing in 2013, LG OLED has evolved into a mainstay of the premium TV market through its unmatched contrast, which enables perfect blacks and true-to-life colors, as well as its unprecedented flexibility and thinness.

After successfully mass producing its—and the world’s—first 55-inch Full HD OLED TV in 2013, LG has continued to push boundaries with its OLED-optimized hardware and software innovations. Among the company’s many groundbreaking OLED products are the paper-thin Wallpaper TV from 2017, and 2020’s Rollable TV, which features a display that can roll down and disappear into the TV’s base.

In 2019, it was the first to release an 88-inch 8K OLED TV, and this year, the company introduced the world’s largest OLED TV—the new 97-inch wireless model.

Apart from improving public awareness of OLED through continuous and progressive marketing activities, LG has also teamed up with diverse lifestyle brands to deliver the unique ways LG OLED TVs better everyday life.

In recent years, LG has been on a journey to provide next-level lifestyle value by introducing OLED innovations under the Lifestyle Screen umbrella. For example, LG OLED FLEX, a bendable gaming TV, delivers a one-screen-fits-all solution—one that is able to change from flat to curved whenever the user wants. The unique, distinctive TVs from the LG OLED Objet Collection, meanwhile, add beauty and style to any interior.

LG has been working tirelessly for the past decade to realize the immense potential of OLED. Building on what it has achieved so far, the company will continue to create and innovate over the next decade, exploring more of the near-limitless possibilities presented by its self-lit technology to deliver ever-greater customer value.

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