• October 1, 2023

On-demand delivery platform Lalamove partnered with Toys R Us, MemoExpress, and Unioil to deliver care for its partner drivers through the company’s Deliver Care program. 

To show appreciation to four of its Bossings,Lalamove organized a day of bonding activity for the heroes on the road and their kids.

They played games at an amusement area and shared a sumptuous meal after. The event was capped off with goodies for the participants through Lalamove’s generous partners. 

Lalamove Lady Bossing Joy Bell Jalandoni and daughter Althea
Lalamove Bossing Julio Fabian and son Renz

“Lalamove recognizes that the core of the business are its partner drivers. These hardworking Bossings–our heroes on the road need a break too and so we sought to treat them for a bonding day with their kids–letting them spend more time with people they care about them most,” said  Djon Nacario, Lalamove PH Managing Director.

According to Nacario, it’s important to give back to the passionate community of Lalamove Bossings through activities like this. 

“More than our heroes on the road that help keep business running, our Lalamove Bossings play a much bigger role in their homes and families. That’s why we continue to aid our partner drivers to uplift their lives through a flexible source of income, Panalomove Benefits, and hold activities like this that stamp a smile on their faces,” he shared.

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