• July 20, 2024

Online tech bootcamp KodeGo partners with one of Asia’s leading online employment marketplaces JobStreet Philippines to help address the skills mismatch between job seekers and open company positions, particularly in the field of Information Technology (IT).

Through the recruitment platform, hiring firms can easily source candidates from KodeGo for Web Development and Data Science. KodeGo graduates are given a special tag so they are noticed faster.     

“JobStreet has always been a titan in the recruitment and job placement space, so they are an ideal partner for KodeGo. Through this collaboration, we can give our bootcampers bright career opportunities and contribute to building a future-proof digital nation,” said Glenn Estrella, Head of Portfolio Growth for 917Ventures.

KodeGo is the latest spinoff of 917Ventures, the country’s largest corporate venture builder owned by Globe.

KodeGo assists students in achieving their dream careers in IT much faster. It fills the gap between open tech positions and the lack of technical skills among aspiring tech employees through an online tech bootcamp.

This accelerated and intensive study program allows students to learn how to become software engineers, web developers, and data scientists. Once they graduate, the students are matched with KodeGo’s partner companies.

KodeGo also offers a “Study Now, Pay Later” program as part of its advocacy. Students pay for the bootcamp only when they are hired.

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