• July 20, 2024

Infinix is set to give its next generation NOTE series a major upgrade in the audio department with its partnership with HARMAN’s legendary audio and technology brand, JBL.

At Infinix, the user experience is a top priority, and sound quality plays a fundamental role in that experience. Together with the 75-year legacy of acoustic quality and expertise that the brand is renowned for, the upcoming release of the NOTE Series will be enhanced by the Sound by JBL tuning along with the latest innovations from Infinix.

When building the NOTE Series, Infinix collaborated closely with JBL engineers to optimize the software system of their new generation NOTE Series. The software processing within the NOTE series was tuned to deliver JBL’s signature sound—that is, well-balanced mid-tones as well as rich bass, along with high-quality and faithful sound reproduction.

Infinix intends to introduce this new technology in their upcoming phone models, starting with the next release of the NOTE series scheduled this May.

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