• February 20, 2024
Spotify’s Playlist in a Bottle

Spotify recently launched a new feature called Playlist in a Bottle, which lets you make a time capsule with at least three songs for your future self.

This interactive in-app experience captures who you are musically right now and then lets you revisit your 2023 musical self one year later. Fast-forward to January 2024, and you’ll find this playlist on your account as a treat from Spotify and your 2023 self. 

Here’s how to make your Playlist in a Bottle: 

  • Make sure your Spotify mobile app is up to date with the latest version.
  • Click spotify.com/playlistinabottle from your mobile device.
  • Select your time capsule of choice—you can pick from a bottle, jean pocket, gumball machine, lunch box, or teddy bear. 
    • Answer a series of song-inspired prompts. For example:
    • “A song you’re going to kiss someone to this year” 
    • “A song that reminds you of your favorite person” 
    • “A song you need to hear live in 2023” 
  • Digitally seal your musical time capsule and send it off!
  • Share a personalized card to your social channels with the tag #PlaylistInABottle.
  • Come January 2024, if you made a Playlist in a Bottle, you’ll receive your personalized time capsule reminding you what you were listening to one year prior. 

Playlist in a Bottle is available in the Philippines for both Free and Premium users across iOS and Android devices. Spotify will seal the Playlist in a Bottle experience on January 31

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