• September 29, 2023

If you’ve seen cute avatars on your social media feed this past week, then you’ve probably heard of the latest craze online.

Yes, we’re talking about Bondee, the new “it” app where you can create your own 3D-animated avatar, dress up, design your room, and hang out with friends. Launched last January 17 by Singapore-based company Metadream, this “next-gen social app” lets you “live with your friends” in a metaverse. It’s like a crossover between The Sims and Animal Crossing mixed with Facebook and Telegram—all in one app.

So, what can you do there?

In the virtual world of Bondee, you can create your own avatar, explore a variety of environments, play mini-games, shop in virtual stores, and more.

To sign up, you need to register your account using your mobile number. You can then create a nickname and user ID, and customize your personal 3D avatar by choosing from a wide selection of hairstyles, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Afterwards, you can design your own little space with furniture and accessories, including posters, which you can upload your own images for.

Next, you can add friends via their Bondee ID or QR codes. At present, you can add up to 50 friends on the app.

Once you’ve successfully added friends, you can chat with them, see their status, and visit their rooms. You can also customize emojis and actions, such as camping, sitting on a sofa, having a picnic, and more. There’s also a “floating” feature that lets you sail through the platform to meet new people, leave and find messages in bottles, and see new sights.

While the Bondee app is free to download (App Store, Google Play), you have to make in-app purchases with cash to obtain “B-beans” for specific items:

  • 100 B-Beans: P49
  • 500 B-Beans: P249
  • 1000 B-Beans: P499
  • 2000 B-Beans: P999
  • 3000 B-Beans: P1,490
  • 5000 B-Beans: P2,390

As of this writing, several outfits in the app are available for a “limited free trial,” suggesting that these might have to be purchased using B-Beans later on.

So, see you there, neighbor?

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