• June 24, 2024

In a drive to reduce the use of fossil fuel in the country’s transportation industry, Globe’s 917Ventures and Ayala Corporation have brought into the country an initial batch of Gogoro Smartscooters, batteries, and swapping stations in preparation for its rollout of a sustainable  transport system. 

An initial batch of 100 Smartscooters, 400 smart batteries, and seven GoStations from Gogoro, a Taiwan-based global leader in two-wheel electric vehicle (EV) and battery-swapping technology,  have arrived in the country as part of the firm’s partnership with 917Ventures and Ayala Corp.  

“We are excited about this pilot rollout as it will not only address the need for more sustainable  transportation options but also contribute to the overall goal of creating a greener future for Metro  Manila and the entire country. We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact this project  will have on the Philippines,” said Vince Yamat, 917Ventures Managing Director. 

This alternative form of transportation will be piloted for the logistics and last-mile delivery industry in Metro Manila in the first quarter of 2023. Its success is expected to pave the way for a new  sustainable business model in other Philippine cities. 

The EV is a suitable solution for densely populated regions. For instance, the Gogoro Network  has over 520,000 riders in Taiwan who perform more than 370,000 battery swaps per day, demonstrating its effectiveness in a high-density urban environment. This could potentially bring  similar benefits to Metro Manila, such as increased convenience, efficiency, and reduced  emissions. 

The Smartscooters are powered through conveniently located GoStations. With 30 slots each, users can quickly swap depleted batteries for fully-charged ones in seconds, providing a better  alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. 

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