• July 20, 2024

This August, the universe is treating us to spectacular celestial events that will surely leave us in awe—from the last Supermoon of the year to meteor showers and the closest and brightest view of Saturn. Gaze at them with an unaided eye, but don’t forget to capture them, too, in glorious detail with the help of a smartphone like the vivo X80 series

Here are the dates you shouldn’t miss:

August 12

Photo by Speed.ph

The moon will be at its closest to Earth on August 12—and so it will be larger and brighter than usual. Plus, this Supermoon will be the third and final one this year, so make sure not to miss it!

The vivo X80 Series is equipped with a special ZEISS T* Coating that almost completely eliminates the effect of stray light, so you’re sure to capture bright and vivid photos of the full moon. The X80 Pro also sports ZEISS Super Night Camera that allows you to capture the moon in vivid detail, as well as XDR Photo that makes otherwise ordinary images look like HDR images on the phone screen.

August 12 and 13

Considered one of the best and most spectacular meteor showers to observe, the Perseids Meteor Shower will have its peak on August 12 and the morning of August 13.

At its peak, it produces up to 60 bright meteors per hour. But since this celestial event coincides with the Supermoon, only the brightest meteors will likely be visible. You may wait until between midnight and dawn of August 13 to get a better glimpse of the meteors. 

Another workaround is to find dark locations far away from the city lights and skyscrapers to help you see more shooting stars. Worried about the quality of your shots due to a limited supply of natural lights? The vivo X80 Series will do the magic.

Extreme darkness won’t be a problem for vivo’s unique V1+ Chip as it allows users to take quality shots despite unfavorable light conditions. This customized chip by vivo also supports Super NightVideo and AI Video Enhancement, giving exceptional images of the meteors‚whether in the dark countryside or an unlit open field.

August 14

To end the second week of August with a bang, the universe is treating to a great view of the Saturn. On August 14, Saturn will be in Opposition, which means its rings and planet-sized moon Titan will be front and center.

You won’t be needing any binoculars and professional equipment to see and capture the ringed planet’s beauty. Just utilize the vivo X80 Pro’s 5x optical zoom and 60x HyperZoom to give you a closer and more detailed view of the planet.

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