• February 20, 2024

GOVERNMENT WARNING: This product is harmful and contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. This is for use only by adults and is not recommended for use by nonsmokers.

It’s Labor Day weekend on the beautiful island of Boracay. Under the scorching sun, the summer hotspot was buzzing in anticipation of the festivities underway for the annual affair.

Speed, together with a select group of media and brand ambassadors, was in for an exhilarating experience with RELX Philippines as it prepared several exciting news and activities on the world-renowned white sand beaches of the island.

Embracing the color of the sun

The weekend fun started with some exciting updates from RELX: a refreshed brand identity and revitalized brand purpose.

Di Yang, RELX General Manager, talks to members of the media

In an intimate program filled with great food and booze, RELX unveiled the core elements of its new logo and colors. These are the Phoenix, the Ray of Hope, and the Color of the Sun.

As the core symbol, the phoenix epitomizes RELX’s brand essence. The story of the golden bird rising from the ashes reflects how the brand empowers people to rise from the ashes–literally and figuratively–and begin a restored and renewed life. The mythical creature acts as a powerful beacon with its wings radiating hope, just like how RELX is lifting people up by helping them to make a fresh start. 

RELX also incorporates the rays of hope and the color of the sun to symbolize the lighter, brighter future of possibility that the brand unlocks. As the radiant beams inspire positivity and life, RELX casts a warm glow on the lives of users and illuminates an incredible path ahead for them.

Nikko Natividad, with members of the media attend the roundtable

Present during the launch of RELX’s refreshed brand identity are Philippines General Manager Di Yang and Head of Marketing Gerard Sanchez, along with the brand’s key influencers.

Giving hope to the people

Under its new brand identity, RELX focuses on creating hope for its customers by providing high-quality, consumer-centric, and convenient vape products.

All throughout Labor Day weekend activities in Boracay, RELX set up booths in various locations in Station 3 and offered special promos to locals and guests of the island.

RELX aims to give Filipinos the best value for money and make vaping a better choice. To do that, the brand ensures that its products feature exceptional quality and innovative e-cigarette technologies.

RELX boasts of its Super Smooth technology and the safeguards in place to ensure its reliability and consistency in every product. The company has five laboratories that cover 58 inspection procedures, 18 rigorous quality control measures, and more than 200 tests.

The efforts don’t end there. The brand has also set up a bioscience laboratory, which aims to study and optimize insights on e-cigarettes and their effects. The research center looks in particular at the impacts of vapor products–and the future, long-term results from the studies made here can be shared with a global audience. RELX leverages this scientific approach to develop better and more trustworthy smoking alternatives.

The phoenix rises

In 2018, RELX began its mission to help adult smokers find a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. Today, over 22 million users have decided to switch to the brand’s consumer-centric and convenient vape products worldwide.

But RELX is not a company to sit on its laurels. Always ready to challenge itself to give the best to its customers, the brand continues to encourage hope for those who want to make that change in new and unique ways.

The company’s refreshed branding conveys the brand’s unfaltering mission to provide the best quality and innovative e-cigarette products to users around the world. 

To communicate this commitment, RELX unveiled its new brand look to an excited Boracay crowd. Attendees and the public are invited to watch for the brand’s refreshed look as they #MakeThatChange on their kiosks, physical stores, digital presence, new packaging, new flavors, and latest product innovations. 

LaBoracay attendees excitedly watch the brand refresh of RELX

RELX’s new look also communicates the brand’s focus on championing and supporting users who embrace change and are always exploring new possibilities.

Indeed, RELX has made it easier to encounter original devices and pods, making them available in 2,500 7-Eleven stores nationwide and in over 250+ exclusive RELX Stores, online flagship stores, and authorized resellers.

As the weekend came to a close, RELX underscores its promise to help the millions of adult smokers in the Philippines find a better alternative to smoking and start their #NoSmokeSmell journey.

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