• May 28, 2024
Cherry x Deerma shoe dryer

Wearing soaking wet shoes is uncomfortable, not to mention cringey. Whether your footwear got wet in the rain, at the beach, or you simply washed them to keep them pristine, here’s an easy way to dry them without needing to hang them dry (which is especially hard during the rainy season when you don’t know when the sun will make an appearance).

The Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Shoe Dryer is a compact, 1.2kg machine that will help dry your kicks and even sanitize them.

It comes with a retractable hose that can reach the interior of your footwear and dry it thoroughly.

It also features different drying modes—standard, leather shoes, weak wind, and ozone—so you can use it on any type of shoe that you have.

The multi-function shoe dryer also comes with an anti-bacterial feature that gets rid of unwanted odor and ensures that your shoes are not only dry but also clean and odor-free. 

The Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Shoe Dryer is priced at P1,500 and is available here.

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